About us

Luke and Pieter

Spark To Go wants to make bottled water a thing of the past. With our system anyone can make sparkling water wherever a tap is. We want people to see that tap water is much better for the environment and now we offer people the ability to cut the bottled water companies out of the equation. This is a water revolution, and bringing sparkling water into the mix is a game changer for that to happen!

We are two entrepreneurs from very different backgrounds, but one singular goal in mind. To help make the world a better place than how we found it. We believe that to tackle massive problems, like the plastic pollution and climate change problems, you have to focus on changing behaviors. Changing behavior is no simple task, and to truly make lasting changes, alternatives must be simple and easy to make the switch. We believe that our bottle provides an easy way for everyone to be able to make all their favorite drinks without having to buy them from the store. If you don’t feel like drinking something fizzy, no problem! Our bottle holds flat water just as well as it makes it sparkling.


Luke is American and comes from Pasadena, California. Luke worked in sustainability consulting for construction projects for over 5 years when he got the itch to start his own business. He moved to Munich, Germany to attend the Technical University in Munich where he studied for an MBA. While in school he came up with the idea for Spark To Go in a class project and knew this was what he wanted to focus on to make a positive impact in the world.


Pieter is originally from South Africa where he grew up in a small industrial town close to Johannesburg. He studied mechanical engineering and worked for South Africa’s biggest petrochemical company before moving to Germany in 2015 to work at one of the world’s biggest industrial gas companies. Having always had a passion for business and entrepreneurship, and wanting to do good in the world, Pieter decided in 2019 to take the plunge and quit his job to start his own business.