plastic pollution

For a better world

Our mission

Spark To Go wants to redefine the way we look at carbonated drinks. Everyone knows how bad the plastic pollution problem is, but another component of the problem is the CO2 it takes to produce, fill, and transport all those billions of bottles every year. Estimates range between 67 to 192 billion kgs of CO2 per year.

We believe that we can truly change the way people consume beverages. By creating a bottle that allows anyone the ability to carbonate anything wherever they are, people will never have to buy another bottle of their favorite drink again. This bottle can hold and make anything!

To truly change the future, we have to give people the tools to make easy choices that will change their behavior. If alternatives are simple and easy making that transformation can be done on a massive scale. Our bottle is that tool.

Quick Facts

How many plastic bottles are sold in the world?

Globally, more than a million bottles are sold every minute. That is over 500 billion a year!

How many plastic bottles end up in the ocean every year?

The amount of plastic bottles in the ocean is not known, but it is estimated that there are over 5.25 trillion pieces of plastic debris at any given time in the world’s oceans. This also does not mention the amount of plastics that end up in our rivers, lakes, and national forests!

How many plastic bottles are recycled?

Less than half of the plastic bottles sold each year are recycled globally. Most are thrown away into landfills or incinerated. Different countries have better recycling rates than others, but overall the world is not recycling as much as we produce making the problem grow every year.

How much CO2 is used?

Bottled water requires up to 2000 times the amount of energy used to produce tap water. The CO2 footprint for bottled water globally is estimated between 67 and 192 billion kg per year (depends on bottle sizes and how far it is being transported).

How are our drinking habits harming the planet?

A bottle is made to bring you a cheap and convenient way to enjoy water all so that you can throw it away. Plastic takes roughly 450 years to decompose, which means all the plastics that have ever been produced since their invention in the 1950’s are still here today (and will be for a long time).

Over the last 30-40 years water companies have tried telling us that bottled water is cleaner and safer for us to drink. Most bottled water tested is no better than filtered tap water. This is a marketing scam designed to get you to pay more for the exact same product you could from your own tap.

Estimates show that bottled water is around 2,000 times more expensive than tap water!
These companies gain access to the same water that comes from the tap and extract way more water than that community ever could. This has lasting negative effects on local supplies because natural sources of water require time to recharge through rainfall.